Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Painting from a Poem

Defrauded I a Butterfly,
The Rightful Heir..For Thee..

I started my new painting, Defrauded I a Butterfly, after I read this poem. Not that I was trying to put in paint what Emily Dickinson tried to express through words! Its just that sometime after reading something beautiful and touching I have this irresistible desire to put those words in my work.... I wove the text around in the painting with different mediums, including stencils and written words. I think I will make this a series where I will chose different poems by Dickinson and make them a part of my paintings! Will keep you posted on  how it goes!

                                                                   Mixed Media,12x24


  1. Love the concept. I love poems of Emily Dickinson and looking forward to seeing more on the series. This painting is beautiful! I love your work.

  2. like this work, cannot read the words, would like too, but like the mystery of the piece and the strong female presence and rhymthical balance of colors and type as texture.