Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Mother's day is the stupidest day in the invention of all the "days" ! I understnad Valentine's day... It is a day when a woman reminds her lover/husband to get those credit cards out! I like that day! All those guilt free trips to the salon and the boutiques with his credit card.... Poor men can't even complain without sounding like a neanderthal! We do buy them a card and perfume but its them who has to bear the burnt of that day.
But Mother's day is an insult to mothers! Every day should be a mother's day! Does mothers get a single day off from motherhood? It encompasses our very being! Whatever we do , wherever we go, we carry the badge of "motherhood" with us!even our thought dont stay focused on us anymore! We always have to think twice, once for ourselves and once for our children! I don't think we need a day to remind us that mothers her special!

I call my mom often , even when she is actually not talking to me! She does that sometime. Some imaginary slight from my part puts her heckales up and her punishment is always the silent treatment! I am used to it by now! Actually , only after having a daughter it became clear to me why my mom takes everything personally! When Paloma wants nothing to do with me and wants to play with daddy , I feel that she is betraying me! Come on, I became fat for that girl! All those stretch marks are not gonna disappear!! All I want from her is her undying devotion! Dad is just the sperm guy, whose part was over in few secondds! I had to be the one who had to lug around that humongous belly!!

In a single day, how many times a mother thinks of her children? If she is like me, once every two minutes! Shouldn't children think of their mother at least once a day?

I want everyday to be a mothers day!

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  1. I totally agree, but it is nice to really have a day where everyone should wait on you and you do nothing.