Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Painting

The best day of painting is the start . The excitement of starting something new can be intoxicating. It is a new beginning and the possibility is endless. Maybe this painting will be the one that will finally define me as a painter? There is a kind of intoxication involved. The heart beats a little faster the sun shines a little brighter and I feel alive to the core of my being. Well, when you finish a painting the feeling can be as powerful , even if it is completely different! It is either a feeling of something accomplished or the searing sadness of a failed attempt. It is the in between phase that is the most grueling. It is a time of intense labor, even if it is labor of love. At that time there is no beginning or end , it is a survival from minute to minute. I might even suggest that this period is akin to labor pain: you are in the process of giving birth to something new and the pain is tremendous.You might give birth to something magnificent or a monster. Well, I am in the process of conceiving and enjoying the moment!

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