Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Equus 16"x16", Mixed Media Collage 2011

Flight, 10"x20" Mixed Media Collage, 2010

Take Me to the Moon, 12"x16" Mixed Media Collage 2010
Gemini, 16"x20, Mixed Media Collage, 2011
I  love painting in series. It gives me an opportunity to explore my ideas to the fullest! I am at this moment very much intrigued the the imagery of horses! The horse can be a symbol of strength or sexuality, depending on how one wants to explore the symbol. Since I saw the movie, Equus, I have been thinking about horse in terms of being a sexual smybol and a sort of god figure...... But once I started painting them I could not see the horse as much as a sexual symbol but as a symbol of freedom! How many time do we use the terminology "riding off  to the sunset"? And by painting them over and over again, maybe I am trying to achieve that freedom without leaving home and my responsibilities. Maybe painting is not only about color and design but psychological longings that even the artist is not aware of?

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