Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Words to Show the Way

Every New Year I set goals, like almost everyone else...... And like most I never fulfill these! The goals get lost in the daily hubbub of life. Even though most of the time I remember the gist of the goals, I forget the majority of them.... This year reading a couple of other blogs, notably Lisa Call and Cynthia Morris, I decided to go with the word of the year rather than long list of goals! A word can be like a little nugget that we can hold in our hands and every time we remember that word we can get a renewed sense of purpose! So I choose STRUCTURE as the word of the year 2010! I think what I need most in my life at this time is a solid structure to take me to the next level! I need a structure to make my financial goals more attainable (make a living solely out of art) and more importantly find more outlets to share my artworks with others. Every time I see myself slipping I need to hold on to this word to show me the way!
Antique Head, Ishita Bandyo (Copy From Cast)
Oh,one  more word that I need to keep close to my heart is "Patience". I sorely need it in terms of being in a marathon race of an art career as well as being a mom. Anyhow, I thought I will add my drawing for this week as well!

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