Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Last Stand

Antique Torso, Charcoal
Fly Me to the Moon, Mixed Media Collage
My plan for 2010 was to finish at least 50 paintings! I did about 38, a mixture of good , bad and ugly! But fell short of my goal. For last couple of days I have been scampering to get a few pieces done! I know, creativity cannot be measured in numbers but if I did not give myself deadlines, I doubt, I would do much! Amidst procrastinations and sleeping sickness, I did manage to complete two paintings, albeit small ones and a drawing. At least that drags me into the 40s! I am still hoping to do a small drawing tomorrow but considering my little girl is likely to stay home, it seems unlikely! Ah well, here are the fruits of my efforts!


  1. Hi Ishita, 38 paintings is remarkable, especially if you have a lil one. I also find it very difficult to paint or get much done when my little one is around. But sometimes i have to remember that it's great to have a break in between works to gather yourself. Your works above are lovely. I really like the vibrance in "Fly Me To The Moon", very fitting too for the beginning of a new year! I'm sure you will do well with your goals next year, all the best :)

  2. Thank You, Nessa! I appreciate our comment! Yes, it is very very hard to work with a 3 year old wanting constant attention!! It takes a lot out of ya, specially in terms of concentration! But we are doing the best we can! We will get there, like so many women artists before us!! God willing:)