Friday, December 10, 2010

Restless Leg Syndrome

I am wondering if all artists are restless or is it just the society in general? It seems to me that I am always rushing! Always running around to get things done or generating more things to do! I remember as a chhild growing up in India, we would lie down on the roof and watch the stars. Those hot humid nights are some of my most treasured memories..... I don't think I have stared at the stars for last ten years at least! I am always  running, so how can I look at the stars?
 I have this deadline for myself that I will finish at least one painting a week! If I paint for 6 hours a day then I should be able to finish a painting in 30 hours......SO I am always anxious to "finish" a painting, it seems! This ridiculous self imposed deadline means I am not enjoying the process as much as I should! It has become a race against time, rather than  slowing time down!
It should be one of my new year resolution, to pace myself, so I can enjoy life. What does it matter if I don't seem so busy after all? What if I take some time to seat at Starbucks and just stare at the wall? What if I leave my iphone at home and disconnect for a day? In the large scheme of things, in 20 years will it matter that I did not finished a painting a week? But it will matter hugely to my daughter, if we found the time to lay down on the grass and stare at the stars!
This weeks painting is below. I will try to stress less if I am not able to meet my "quota"!

Flight, 8"x16", Mixed Media Collage, 2010


  1. You are so right, It seems a continual struggle to slow down, especially when working for others, I remind myself to slow down for going fast will not get more done but only hurt me possibly. When I am on my own time, I still have to remind me self to enjoy the moment, for what we have is today. Learning to not get caught up in others hurry or my own is a continual lesson in progress for me. I really enjoy life more when I take time to sense everything.

  2. I completely agree, Judy! I just got this book called Zen Habits and I hope I will get a new understanding on how to slow down..... Really hard for someone with restless leg syndrome;)