Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hide/Seek- An update

The controversy is still raging regrading the Hide/Seek exhibition at the Smithsonian. I am not getting into the the whole thing today, but just wanted to share this with you. AA Bronson, an artist and the director of the Institute of Art, Religion and Social Justice, has requested the National Portrait Gallery to pull out his work (“Felix, June 5, 1994″ ) that was on the Hide/Seek exhibit. Bronson posted the following on this facebook status, "I wrote to the National Portrait Gallery this evening requesting that they remove my work “Felix, June 5, 1994″ from the “Hide/Seek” exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. As an artist who saw first hand the tremendous agony and pain that so many of my generation lived through, and died with, I cannot take the decision of the Smithsonian lightly. To edit queer history in this way is hurtful and disrespectful."

I think it is noble and courageous on part of Bronson to be doing this! Who knows what the fallout is going to be on his career?1 But I love the fact that he felt strongly enough to be able to take this decision! I wonder if I would have been able to be so strong? 

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