Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Drawing a day : Still at it!

So this is the new one for today......
The pages are getting too dirty though! Next time I am going to do what my favorite teacher Jon deMartin did! Draw the whole thing on a tracing paper and when all the kinks are worked out,  transfer the drawing to the paper... No dirty smudges and eraser mark! So, now that I have some idea about how to draw, I think I will venture into more scary prospect of drawing the head! Yup, you heard me right!! Onward now..... I will paint with color for the rest of the day.... I think!


  1. My favorite book for drawing the figure is Vanderpoel's The Human Figure. Just copying the images from there dramatically changed how I drew the features of the face. Also, when I draw the face I always map out the shadows. That simple step is the most important for me and makes it look like a real face better than anything else I do.

  2. I love the hand! I will also have to look into the book that Elisha mentioned.

  3. I will too! I always map out the shadows too... I think that's the classical way to draw! If the proportion shadow shapes work, then the whole drawing comes together!