Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Drawing-Head of a Man

Ugly men are so much  fun to draw! That did not come out right; what I mean is men with rugged face and prominent features are fun to draw/paint! Whew, that sounds much more politically correct! I think babies and pretty women are hardest to paint with their smooth skin and regular features....Maybe some artists drawn more to imperfection than so called ideal beauty.... Leonard loved to draw  deformed people.... And personally, I think those drawings are far better than his drawings of beautiful women. They have a pathos and integrity that the others lacked (again, my personal opinion and I understand if people disagree)! I wanted to include of some of the drawings by Leonardo that I absolutely love!. Here is a link to a drawing  of a hunchback that he drew. I want to copy it but I can't find a high resolution drawing to copy from...... Time to hit the libraries! 


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